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screenprintScreen Printing / Silk Screening
An image is transferred to the printed surface by ink, which is pressed through a stenciled screen and treated with a light-sensitive emulsion. Film positives are put in contact with the screens and exposed to light, hardening the emulsion not covered by film and leaving a soft area on the screen for the squeegee to press ink through. You must create a different screen for every color you are going to print and screen each color separately allowing drying time in between.

4color4-Color Process
A color image is separated into 4 different color values using filters and screens (usually digital). The result is a color separation of 4 images. When transferred to printing plates and printed on a printing press with the colored inks, cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow and black, reproduces the original color image. These four colors can be combined to create thousands of colors just as your computer printer does.

Dye Sublimation is a relatively new printing technique that allows us to print full color images on a wide array of items such as t-shirts, awards, flags, mouse pads, and even ceramic tiles. This state of the art process allows for millions of colors and shades to be applied on the item.

A design is stitched into fabric through the use of high-speed, computer-controlled sewing machines. Artwork must first be "digitized;" the specialized process of converting two-dimensional artwork into stitches or thread. Machine Embroidery adds beauty and themed detail to anything you sew. This process typically is used for formal shirts, polo shirts, bags, hats and jackets. Embroidery is chosen to give a more corporate and professional look.

heattransferHeat Transfer
Heat Transfer is a perfect method to apply athletic names and numbers on Jerseys and other athletic apparel. The material is cut and heat pressed onto the garment creating a perfect look and feel for team wear.

signsBanners / Outdoor Signage
Our outdoor poster printing and banner printing options offer excellent image quality with long-lasting durability. Perfect for signs, banners, vehicle graphics, store front window display, etc. Utilizing UV-stable, low solvent inks, these posters and banners provide vivid colors while ensuring long-lasting outdoor signage.

designDesign Services
Whether you have existing artwork or a logo that needs touching up or you are out of ideas and need something fresh we can help. All designs will be created with cutting edge software to your exact specifications. We also offer state of the art website design.